Literary Patterns and “Hunters in the Snow”

As a way of introducing prose analysis (which is the second essay question on the AP exam) we’re applying Patterns in Literature (Note page to help you follow along: Patterns in Lit brainstorming) to Tobias Wolff’s “Hunters in the Snow.”  (or as a downloadable doc here)

Directions for your assignment on the short story can be found here: Hunters in the Snow, or after the page break.  You can write out your answers in a notebook or on a piece of paper, or type them into the assignment document or one like it. This should be included in your learning portfolio that we will review at the end of the quarter.

Applying Patterns in Literature: “Hunters in the Snow” by Tobias Wolff

Photo by Beth Ireland on Unsplash

Read “Hunters in the Snow” by Tobias Wolff paying close attention to the structure of the story and established patterns in literature.

After reading the story through, write out the theme.  Remember “bullying” or “male relationships” aren’t themes; they’re subjects.  A theme is going to offer some commentary about those subjects.  You might think of it as a claim or message.

Go through the story picking apart and analyzing the structure and patterns and how they create this theme.  Create a chart like this one in your notebook with at least 7 rows filled out.  You may work in groups, but each student must have a chart in his or her notebook.

Setting element, plot element, object or idea from the story what this signifies generally Quote from the story with citation Specific analysis within this story and application to your theme
Example: Dog Loyalty and companionship “’I hate that dog’ [. . . ] Kenny fired.  The bullet went in between the dog’s eyes. [ . . . ]  Kenny turned to Tub ‘I hate you.’” (91) Kenny shoots the dog without telling Tub he was supposed to do so as a way of harassing Tub, but this also breaks their tie and illuminates the lack of loyalty in the group.  Kenny’s threat pushes Tub to bite back and he shoots Kenny, thus becoming the alpha with Frank now loyal to him.  Frank’s fickleness reveals not only the shallowness of his character, but also the tenuousness of male-male relationships when based on bullying.














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